A common concern I hear from people when I encourage them to start Blogging is that they won’t be able to come up with enough topics to write about. At times, it can be a little tricky to come up with blog ideas. I’ve come across a couple of techniques that have helped me to get passed that for my blog. The two best that I’ve used are the blogging notebook and using questions from my clients.

One of the best sources for blogging content that I have come across is simply look over the various questions that my clients have asked me. Anytime you have a client that asks you a random or unique questions, those each make for a great blog idea. Keep in mind, even if the topic isn’t directly related to your business or industry, those can still be great blog topics. I’ve written countless blogs over the years that have little to nothing to do with web design. Blogs such as “There Is No Try” have nothing to do with web design, but it is still my most successful blog I have ever written and I have no shame or regret for that.

A great way to keep track of those blog ideas is to use a blogging notebook. Simply go to your local office supply store and pick up a spiral notebook and then every time you have a new idea for a possible blog, simply jot it down on a new sheet of paper. When you have some time available to write a blog, you can just grab your notebook and pick an idea that you feel like writing about. One of my favorite benefits of doing this is that whenever I want to write a blog, I don’t have to spend a much (if any) time thinking of what I want to write about. I can simply open the notebook, pick a topic, and write the blog in about 30 minutes. My blogging notebook is with me just about all the time. Whether I’m at my office or at my apartment or I’m teaching class, I can quickly jot down any ideas I have or write out the blog if I have time.

These two simple techniques, getting ideas for your clients and the blogging notebook, are great ways to help you get an active blog going or to help keep yours going. If you have any questions on things you can do to make your blog better, let me know, I’d be happy to help. You’re blog is one of the best ways to help set you and your business apart from the others. Go pick up a spiral note book and keep blogging.

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