Don’t forget your company branding

Don't forget about your company branding

A couple weeks ago, I saw a presentation from a well respected business in my area. The information was great and the presenter was fantastic. One thing that definitely bothered me, however, was how little the business used their brand in the presentation. As business owners, we have a lot on our minds. WIth all […]

What is a style guide?

I love cooking. I love experimenting with new flavors and combinations and finding new ways to combine ingredients. The freedom I have when cooking is one of, if not my main, creative outlets. There are times however that call for me to return to cooking basics and to use seasonings that I know work well […]

Whitespace is your friend

You know what one of the best marketing tools is? And it’s also free or dang cheap? And fits the less-is-more idea?     Whitespace     Recently, we were finishing up a new design on a site. The new design was amazing. It was crisp and clean and so easy to read and easy […]

KIS Your Banner Stands

Going to trade shows and expos can be a lot of fun for a business owner. They are a great way to introduce your company to potential clients. When you’re in that crowded expo hall and fighting to be noticed by attendees, having a retractable banner stand is a great way to draw attention to […]