What should I call this blog article?

What should I call my blog article?

I’m a big advocate for writing blogs. I think any busienss should have an active blog. One thing I don’t always love about writing blogs, is coming up with a title for the article. One quick tip – don’t fret over it too much.  So let’s go over two technical points of sorts on the […]

Different Authors?

Some of our clients have multiple individuals writing blogs for their website. Having content from different perspectives is a great way to showcase all that your business has to offer. However, you may not always want to give admin access to all blog contributors. Thankfully, with WordPress, there are two really great options. The first […]

Do you have trouble closing your blog articles?

Watch what I do here: oftentimes when I’m writing a blog, the opening of the blog comes pretty easily to me. The body of the is fairly painless to write as well. The part I get hung up on the most it seems, is the closing. However, recently I found a great way to help […]

Struggling to Write

Here I am, struggling to write a blog… again. I have a list of several topics written down but I can’t seem to get myself interested in any of them enough to write about them at the moment. So here I am at my favorite spot to do any writing – my favorite coffee shop […]

Writer’s Block

Have you ever been on a car trip to a destination that you were pretty sure you knew how to get to, but realized once you got going that you were horribly lost? You make turn after turn, each time thinking that you’ll get on the right path that time only to find out you’re […]

Before you spend money on SEO

I get a lot of questions from people, both clients and at various networking events, about what they should be doing to help boost their Google rankings. When I review their website, a lot of times the site is fine and using up to date coding techniques. I often times don’t recommend for them to […]

Trouble Starting a Blog?

When it comes to writing blog articles, one of the biggest struggles I’ve had at times is not necessarily coming up with topics to write about, those are relatively easy. What I struggle with is getting the blog started. After working with a friend of mine to help him write his book, I found a […]

Citing Sources on a Blog

A blog is in many ways an open dialog between you and your audience. Even though there isn’t much for government oversight or laws on blogging (at least not yet), one rule you should be sure to follow is to cite your sources.

Can I write about…

I’ve had a couple clients start a blog or an email newsletter this year and one question I get asked quite a bit is whether or not they can talk about certain topics. The two main topics they wonder about seem to be their personal lives and politics. Can you talk about those possibly touchy […]

Can’t find and idea for a blog?

Not long ago I sat at my desk and spent an hour coming up with a new blog topic. My blogging notebook had some ideas but nothing jumped out at me that day. I was about to give up on it for the day when I decided to stop down at the office next to […]