Web Design Templates

Pre-designed template sites are geared for small businesses, startups, and non-profits. These templates are designed to work great with search engine optimization. This allows us to help you secure the highest Google rankings possible.

Template Site Options

Check out the template options below. Click on an image to see the full PDF view of a site. Find one you like? Contact us and we’ll set it up for your business. We’ll customize it to match your business colors. In addition, we’ll update your imagery, your brand, your logo. The end result will be a fresh look to your website.

These templates start at $4,000 and include:

  • SEO Audit
  • Design & Programing
  • Setting up the home page
  • One interior page
  • Training resources
  • 1000 words of copy writing

Ready for a website template?

When you’re ready to get started on your template website, our team is able to set you up quickly and efficiently. So don’t wait, start now!

Modern Construction
Quality Outdoor Gear
Anna’s Little Bakery
Chris’ Auto Body Shop
Elise’s Elegant Boutique
Hunter’s Supply
Workout Mania
Dark and Bold industries
Gardenia’s Garden Bouquets
Peaceful Therapy
John’s Barbecue
Java Joy
Modern Architecture
Quirky Bakery

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