YouTube video formats

YouTube, the second biggest search engine on the web, is a great platform for sharing and storing videos for use online. One of the greatest benefits of YouTube is that you can upload a wide variety of video formats and their software will convert your video to what their system needs. This makes it possible for a wider array of people to be able to add videos to the platform without having to hire a professional videographer.

These days, many computer systems come with video editing software already installed on them and there are countless others available online for download that are free or cheap. A friend of mine was recently having problems getting a video he was working on to export from one of those video editing programs to the popular MPEG-4 format. I asked him what formats his particular software was recommending to use for the export, which was WMV in his case. With YouTube accepting a wide range of file formats for videos, he was able to upload the WMV file and was able to share the video then on his website and social media accounts.

YouTube is a great platform for hosting and sharing videos for use on the web. By accepting such a wide range of video formats, it allows many people and businesses to be able to add videos without having to work directly with a videography company – potentially saving a fair amount of money.

Should I Include My Video on YouTube?

Unlike the archaic days of the web when we had to deal with dial up connections and big clunky CRT monitors, videos are becoming a very common thing to see on a website. One question I get asked a lot is if I think clients should add their videos to YouTube. I’m yet to find a case where my answer to that wasn’t – absolutely.

One of the main reasons to add your video to YouTube is because it is the second most used search engine on the web, second only to Google. What does this mean for your video? Simple, more traffic. More traffic means more opportunities for your video to be seen and for your message and company to be heard.

Another nice perk of uploading your video to YouTube is that it is very easy to embed the video on to your site. When you embed a video from YouTube, they will provide all the code that is needed and it is a simple copy and paste. YouTube is many times better at storing and playing your video as well which means lower bandwidth on your server that is hosting your website.

If you have videos but haven’t added them to YouTube yet, I’d strong consider it. Videos are a great addition to a website, and if they are uploaded to YouTube they make for an even greater impact on your overall online exposure.