Does your site need a Firewall?

It can’t be said enough – it’s 2020 and cyber attacks and attackers are everywhere. Attackers can do a range of evil things to a site, from adding malware to crashing the site or even holding the site hostage. One easy to install tool that will help thwart these attacks is a firewall. 

A firewall is kind of just what it sounds like – a wall. It is a cyber wall to place between your website and an attacking user or hacker. A firewall will use a combination of advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence to spot attacking users and stop them. Think of it as putting your website in a protective bubble, where the bubble controls who is able to interact with your site and it’s code and database structure. 

Full Scope Creative can easily add Astra Security to any of the sites we host. Along with bad bot detection, blacklist monitoring, and suspicious login alerts, Astra Security also provides an artificial intelligence powered firewall with automated malware scanner and malware cleanup. With a firewall like that provided by Astra Security, you can control things like whitelisting or blackinglistng IP addresses, block specific counties, and block certain actions a user may make that appear suspicious. And best of all – it does all these things without you needing to do anything.

Hackers are a constant threat with any website. It used to be that only sites that had incredible amounts of traffic or online stores needed to worry, sadly those days are long gone. Today, hackers and spammers will target any site, for any reason. Adding a firewall is a great way to keep your site, your users, and your business safe. Contact Full Scope Creative today foto get set up using Astra security and firewall for your site. 

What to do if your site gets hacked

So an article on what to do if your site gets hacked really has two versions: one if host with Full Scope Creative, and another if you host with a provider such as GoDaddy, HostMonster, or even SquareSpace. 

Let’s start with the second. If you host with GoDaddy, HostMonster or any of the big EIG providers and your site gets hacked…. I hope you’ve got some time to spare. You’ll need to call their (oftentimes overseas) tech support and work with them to get it fixed. Similarly, if you’re on a system like SquareSpace or Weebly, you’ll need to work with their tech support – and hope they are willing to look into the issue to get your site back up and running.

What about if you host your site with Full Scope Creative? It’s pretty simple – just reach out to us. You can call, text, email, Facebook message, or even message us via LinkedIn and let us know what happened. We will then get the site back up and running and you can go back to running your business. Pretty easy. What do we do when your site gets hacked? Through WordFence, we can perform a scan on your site to see which file(s) are corrupted. Then we work through our backups and resources to get the file(s) cleaned up and back in place. Finally, we’d look at the security configurations on the site to search for ways to increase the security offerings and stability on the site.

Truth be told, we rarely see hacks happen to the sites that are on our Security Essentials hosting plan. With all the security measures put in place, we’ve eliminated most hacks and minimized the damage that can be done if they do happen. Oftentimes, Full Scope Creative both be aware of and fix any issues well before the site owner finds out their site had issues at all.

Having your site get hacked is one of the most frustrating experiences a business can go through. It can take valuable time – time that most business leaders simply don’t have. Hosting with Full Scope Creative is a great way to avoid those headaches. 

Website Security and SSL

Sadly, turning on the nightly news and hearing about a big data security breach somewhere is becoming more and more commonplace. From things like the Target credit card breach to Yahoo email accounts being hacked, it’s an unfortunate sign of the times. As a business owner, it is your responsibility to make sure that your website is as safe and secure as possible. One of the best things you can do toward that end is to add SSL protection to your website.

It’s fairly easy to know if a site is using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). If you look to the left side of the address bar and see a green padlock, the site has security measures that have been installed and are currently working. Alternatively, some browsers (such as Google Chrome) sites without SSL encryption display a gray exclamation mark and a warning that the site is not secure.

Frequently, I get asked by clients if their sites should have SSL encryption. My answer is always the same – YES! If you include online features on your site, such as a shopping cart or job application, you are required to have security encryption. But what about a “regular” website as many clients have (basic information, contact page – a brochure style site)? Are security measures still needed? That question can best be answered with another question:  how safe do you feel when you’re on a site and there is a warning that says, “The connection is not secure” in the address bar?

The Full Scope Creative website has SSL enabled and working. We don’t sell anything online, nor do we ask for any personal information (such as a social security number or driver’s license number like someone might for a job application). However, the site is still secured in order to provide site visitors (and me, the site owner) confidence. Our site is protected and everything is being done to keep both the site and its users safe.

If you’re looking to add another level of security for you and your site users, get in touch with us today about adding SSL protection to your website. A SSL certificate can be purchased, set up, and installed in a day or less, providing the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your site is secure.