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Full Scope Creative has been providing Web Design, Graphic Design, and Website Hosting services in Green Bay, WI for 11 years. We’re based in Green Bay WI, but work with clients throughout the nation. We’re more than happy to meet in person, over the phone, email, or Zoom, to discuss your design projects.

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Green Bay WI Web Design and Marketing Experts

At Full Scope Creative, we work with successful small businesses by providing website design, graphic design, and website hosting. When we meet with prospective clients we oten hear things like, “We don’t have a great bond with our current designer,” or “Our website isn’t getting the results we want,” or even, “Our website is too difficult and expensive to update.” If you are going through any issues like these with your business, contact Full Scope Creative today.

Website Design

Your website should be equally as beautiful as it is functional. We will cover all design, development, copy writing, hosting, marketing, maintenance, and security to make sure that your new website is:

  • Consistent in its marketing strategy
  • Professional and visually appealing
  • Fully responsive and mobile-friendly

Graphic Design

Does your brand align with your company’s personality and mission? Or are your marketing pieces all over the board visually? Through cohesive branding, we’ll help you declare your mission loud and proud through:

  • Logo design or logo repair services
  • Seamlessly integrating your brand
  • Brand strategy

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Website Hosting

No confusing charts and diagrams showing how much storage space and bandwidth are available with different options. Just simple and easy hosting, SSL and WordPress update plans to keep your website safe and secure.

  • 99.99% uptime guaranteed
  • 100% US-based support
  • Weekly backups and updates

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Green Bay WI Web Design

Green Bay WI Web Design

There’s no question that customers are checking out your business online. The question is — are you ready for them?

You need to make sure your website is giving the right first impression. With each of our web design projects, we work with you to create a website that’s just what you’re looking for. We take pride in involving our clients throughout the entire web development process. You can rest assured that your website will be functional, easy to use, and unique to your business.

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Green Bay WI Graphic Designers

Graphic Design & Branding

Your company deserves beautiful design and branding that tells your story to the world.

It is our philosophy that every design piece your company produces must fall under your company’s graphic design and brand strategy, and this plays out in every single piece we work on! Your brand is what customers learn to trust, and our designers deeply understand the importance of generating unity across the board visually.

At Full Scope Creative, we seek to understand your business and its needs so that we can offer visual solutions that multiply your success.

We offer logo design and repair services, banner and tradeshow material design, business card and letterhead design, brochure and booklet design, brand packages, and much more.

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Green Bay WI Website Hosting

Secure Website Hosting

No confusing tech talk or geek speak. Just plain and simple results that fit your needs.

You’ve probably seen plenty of confusing charts and diagrams showing different options for storage space, bandwidth, PHP version, and more. At Full Scope Creative, it’s easy to see why our secure hosting is the best choice for your website.

We are a one stop shop for all of your hosting needs, including domain names, website hosting, SSL certificates, domain name privacy protection and more!

With 99.99% guaranteed uptime, superb speed, US-based support, weekly backups, and WordPress updates, you’ll quickly see why our secure website hosting is an ideal choice for your website!

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“My goal when starting Full Scope Creative in 2010, was to build websites that told our clients’ stories and how they can help their clients. Today, that goal has evolved into offering website design, graphic design, website hosting, copywriting, and more. We’re located in Green Bay WI, but work with clients nationwide. While I can speak geek, I much prefer plain english. Reach out to our team today, we’d love to help tell your story of success.”

– Chris Robinson, Owner

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We love WordPress

Because of its ease of use, security, amazing community, and more, we’re big fans of WordPress. Here are a few of the reasons we use WordPress for the websites we build at Full Scope Creative.


Website security is no joke in 2021. From brute force attacks to hackers and spammers, there are any number of threats for any website. One of the things we love most about WordPress is how secure the system is and how easily we can add in additional layers of security. With WordPress, your site, data, and users are safe and secure.


One thing you’ll notice about WordPress is that there are updates to the core system, themes, and plugins regularly. What does that mean? It’s kept up-to-date and secure! WordPress is an open source system, meaning it has one of the widest networks of expert programmers contributing to the security and future of the system.

Ease Of Use

If you can use Microsoft Word and order a pizza online, you’ve got all the skills needed to use WordPress. Not only is WordPress user friendly and easy for our clients to update, it doesn’t require any knowledge of HTML or CSS. With WordPress, clients can login to the admin section at any time and add new blog articles, page, or update existing content.

Quick Load Time

Nothing kills a user experience like a slow load time. WordPress is one of the fastest content management systems available in 2021. With our Security Essentials Hosting, we can make that already fast load time even faster! What does a faster load time mean? Better user experience, better conversion, even better search engine ranking!


How are a large number of users going to find your website? Through Google. With WordPress, there are the tools, plugins, and resources needed to help boost your site to the top of the rankings. SEO can be a daunting and confusing process, but with WordPress, it’s considerably more achievable.


With WordPress, there’s no shortage of plugins available to make your site everything you need it to be. Too many plugins or the wrong plugins can be problematic for your site. That’s where Full Scope Creative can step in to make sure each plugin used is needed and the best available plugin. We only use plugins that have high ratings and a high number of active users.

Our simple 3-step Green Bay WI web design process


Conversation to go over your goals and company needs for your website.


Design, SEO, programming, copywriting, marketing, hosting. We cover it all!


Submitting to Google Search Console and showing you how to make updates.

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Web Design Case Study: MVMT Performance & Rehab

Our recent site launch for Green Bay-based MVMT Performance & Rehab is a great example of the care and attention we offer each client throughout our design process.

Green Bay Web Design Case Study: MVMT Performance & Rehab

Each of our websites is custom-designed to align with our clients’ individual goals and brand personalities, and the site design for MVMT Performance and Rehab is no exception. We achieved the results that MVMT was looking for by making sure we laid a good foundation for the site design. We began by conducting a thorough SEO audit of their current site and their competitors’ sites to ensure we were being strategic with specific design elements – everything from the copy to the number of images and use of keywords. This information varies from site to site, so it’s important that we take the time to do this step.

We then had the client fill out our in-depth website questionnaire that is meant to allow the client to communicate what it is that will make their website successful in their eyes – everything from specific calls-to-action, to specific wording, to color palette and branding. We took all of this research into account before sitting down to design the site.

Our Approach for this Website Design Project

For MVMT specifically, one big thing that they wanted to communicate was the personalization of their services and the intentionality of their clinicians with each individual client. This particular idea is called out multiple times throughout the website, and is accompanied by beautiful photographs of the clinicians working directly with individual clients. We wanted to really focus on the faces behind the company on this site design, because personal touch is so important to their branding, so we gave prominent locations to photographs of the owners/operators and highlighted a bio section on the home page. The aesthetic for this site was also designed with MVMT’s target audience in mind. They reach a specific demographic of primarily athletes, so the design is very bold and sporty to create this athletic personality.

Admin section of a Green Bay Web Design project

Website Design Goals and Objectives

When we were discussing site goals with Trevor and Erica in the initial discovery meeting, they mentioned that they wanted to be able to easily make updates to the site as needed. They shared some of the marketing objectives they had and landing pages they planned on creating. We may use it for all of our sites, but after that first meeting we knew that WordPress and Elementor were going to be a great choice for this site. Since Trevor and Erica have a background and skillset in physical therapy, not website design, they can simply and easily log in and simply click to edit any features on the home page.

Search Engine Optimization

What does that mean from an SEO standpoint? Since the client can easily keep the site updated with fresh new content and add new features as needed, the site has a considerably better chance of getting a top ranking. With all of the headings on the site, we made sure to take some time and review each of those headings to make sure it had the perfect words. Since one of the main places Google is going to look to find keywords is in the Headings, we made sure to include “physical therapy” and “Green Bay” in as many as we could. As we were doing this fine tuning, if there was a heading that we really couldn’t fit those keywords into, we either let it go as is or found another way to get other keywords added in.

Secure Website Hosting

The site for is hosted on our Security Essentials Hosting plan. With this, Trevor and Erica can spend their time doing what they do best – treating patients – and leave the confusing website hosting to us. The Security Essentials Hosting plan covers the SSL certificate, dedicated IP address, and Full Scope Creative monitors and responds to all security notices, downloads a weekly backup of the site, and runs all the WordPress system updates 3 times each week.

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Our Green Bay web designs get people talking

Chris and his team are exceptional! My husband and I own a physical therapy and rehab clinic where we struggled with our website for over a year before meeting Chris. I was ready to pull my hair out and Full Scope made the whole process incredibly easy. The design of our website is top notch and he kept all our original text with pointers to help with SEO. He is always quick to respond to our emails and implements our feedback right away. Finally, we have a website that’s working for us and our needs, so we highly recommend Full Scope Creative for all things website related!

Erica Folker

Green Bay, WI

Check out some examples of our graphic design work

Graphic design, one of the Full Scope Services

Over 10 years of website design and branding experience

Full Scope Creative was founded with one simple idea in mind: We love people, and we love helping them elevate their businesses to the next level. After working in the web development field for a number of years, we just weren’t satisfied with the way the companies we worked for approached building websites for clients. This desire to eliminate the outdated, “This is how we’ve always done things…” philosophy led us to form Full Scope Creative, where we specialize in innovative website design and development.

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We have answers to your questions about
website design, graphic design, and hosting!

Of course! We know websites and marketing can be confusing and sometimes you want to put a face and personality to the name of who you’re working with. We think meeting in person is a great way to do that! If you’re in the greater Green Bay area we can always meet up at a local coffee shop and go over any of your needs.

Absolutely! All of the sites we build are designed to work an any devise, whether smartphone, tablet, or desktop. We take the time to make sure that the site is easy to navigate and loads quickly.

You betcha! (I said we’re from Green Bay.) We provide a full scope of services from website design to logo design to copywriting to hosting to SEO and more! You can think of Full Scope Creative as your one stop shop for marketing!

You can be as involved as you’d like! Our website design process starts with a questionnaire to help us gather as much information as we can. From there, you’ll be involved to provide feedback, approve design mockup, give input on copywriting, and the final sign off. If you want to be more hands off, we can easily work with that as well.

One of the many perks of working with Full Scope Creative is that we’re here to help in a number of ways! If writing content isn’t your thing, we can help produce all the copy that is needed for the site. Any copywriting project starts with a simple and easy to complete questionnaire.

We love Green Bay, but no you don’t need to be located here to work with us. We’ve worked with clients across the country and can discuss your project or needs over the phone, email, or Zoom call. If you don’t live in Green Bay but are ever in the area, we’ll certainly meet up to share some cheese curds!

Green Bay’s Best Website Hosting

No confusing charts on bandwidth or storage space or anything like that. When you host with Full Scope Creative, we handle all the geeky and nerdy things and make hosting your website as easy as possible! Our Security Essentials Hosting plan is ideal for small businesses, as they can keep all of their website and marketing design in one place. Anytime there are any questions with anything – your website, brochure, newsletter, flyer, email, or hosting, simply get in touch with Full Scope Creative!

Here are just a few of the things you’ll love about hosting with FUll Scope Creative:
  1. 99.99% up-time and superb speed
  2. Weekly backups – with more frequent backup options available if needed
  3. One stop shop for all hosting needs, including domain names, hosting, SSL, domain privacy protection and more
  4. We can help keep your website secure with our WordPress System Updates program

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