Avoid Keyword Stuffing

When you are writing content for your website or blog, you need to know and use some good keywords. Keyword usage is an example of where less is more. Use the keywords (or phrases) too much and you’ll be keyword stuffing – a good way to get kicked out of Google rankings.There is no set […]

Page Titles and Descriptions

When you are putting a web page together, be sure to spend a little time planning out some Search Engine Optimization for the page. Two areas to pay attention to are the Title and Description for the page.

Choosing the Right Keywords

About five years ago when Giantseed Creative was started, I described the company more as a web developer than a web designer. There were some of the pages on the site that were written with the keyword or phrase “web developer.” One problem – when people were searching for a company like Giantseed Creative in […]