At a recent business lunch event, I heard a competitor of mine make the claim that you can’t update key SEO elements of a page in WordPress. Because of that, they argued WordPress should be avoided. Unfortunately, I had already spoken and talked a bit about myself and my business at the meeting, or I would have corrected the point in my introduction. SEO elements like meta title and description CAN be easily updated in WordPress.

I’ve heard from other companies in my industry that WordPress is full of pitfalls and shortcomings. I agree with that point – it is full of them; but so is every content management system on the market. They’ve all got their pros and cons. The great thing about WordPress it that it is pretty easy to overcome any such issue.

The meta title and description tags, while not a huge factor in ranking, should be customized for each individual page on a site. With the out-of-the-box WordPress install, that’s not really doable. But by simply adding the Yoast SEO plugin, it’s easily taken care of. Plus, there are countless other benefits of using Yoast on a site. Heck, Yoast alone is reason enough to use WordPress.

Yes, there are security shortcomings, but again, it’s 2018 – ALL content managements systems and event straight HTML sites have security concerns. Again, with WordPress, we can install WordFence and those security issues are addressed.

If you’re worried about SEO or security limitations in WordPress, I can assure you, they are easily taken care of with a few simple plugins. I’ve played around with several content management systems and even built one internally (Blossom, RIP), and all pale in comparison to WordPress.

If you hear someone saying those things about WordPress, they probably haven’t spent a minute or two actually looking into the program to see just what is available. As an out-of-the-box system, it’s one thing, but with the addition of a few simple plugins, the content management system takes on a whole new life. If you’ve got any concerns about security or SEO in WordPress, feel free to reach out. We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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