One of the great things about a website is that not only do they have a great return on investment (ROI), but it is pretty easy to track that ROI. The easiest way to track how your site is doing is by using Google Analytics. There are several reasons to use Google Analytics, but some of the key reasons are the ease of use, the number of things it does, and the cost (or lack thereof).Google Analytics is easy to use, very easy to use. Some web analytic programs can be a bit tricky to figure out. With Google Analytics, the main info you are looking for (hits, visits, time on site, etc.) can be found on the first screen. The information is all presented in a way that is also very easy to read and understand, often times in graphs.

Not only can you easily see some of the very basic reports (hits, visits, time on site, etc.), but you can see some very detailed reports, such as bounce rates, time on site, keywords used, browsers used, and even platform used (Mac or PC). You can also set up goals and conversions to see how many people go from the home page to another page and then fill out the contact form for example. All of these reports and features are all part of Google Analytics with no need to upgrade to a higher version or anything like that.

One of the best things about Google Analytics is the cost. Some of the other web analytics programs can run anywhere from $100 – $2,000 per month. Google Analytics is free. It’s free to use all of its many features and I would highly doubt that will change. Many of those other web analytics programs don’t even offer all of the features and benefits of Google Analytics.

I’m usually not a big fan of free services, but Google Analytics is one that I really like and highly recommend using. Not only is Google Analytics free to use, but it has such as wide range of reports it can provide and is easy to use, making it the best option for tracking your ROI on your website.

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