Optimizing SEO to Your Advantage

Yes, once again we are delving into the complexities of Search Engine Optimization, or SEO for short. We have realized how SEO seems complex, but once you understand the intricacies, it’s really apparent how it can help any business. So, let’s dive in and see what we can uncover.

Why SEO and How Does It Affect My Online Business?

A great person once said, SEO is like bringing people into your brick-and-mortar store. And that is so true! The only difference is when it’s virtual and can be turned off on a whim. This may make you feel like there’s a love-hate relationship going on if you’re the online web owner. However, if you understand how to navigate SEO to your advantage, it can turn to “love, baby, love.”

You Know SEO…So Now What?

Researching seoWe can start by reviewing what we know about SEO. We know with the right keywords, you will move up in the ratings, right? Well, yes and no. Keywords are important, but to be effective in your marketing, spending time on research is equally important. This means knowing your audience. Plus, understanding the language your customers (audience) are using.

Once you have this language in your pocket, you can begin to use it on your website. It will make you sound more authentic and dependable. This is turn, will become part of the keywords in your arsenal to draw attention to your site.

Still unsure how to approach this objective? Again, research is the answer. Take time to review the online competition. Who has the highest search rate? Who has the lowest? When you have this information, then it’s a matter of probing deeper into their differences:

  • Do they all use the same language?
  • If not, how do they differ?
  • Does the competition rate higher by using language different from yours?
  • If so, would those same words work equally well for your business?
You see the list could go on and on. By starting to research the competition from this perspective, it becomes easy to see the differences. If this may feel underhanded, it isn’t. This is what free enterprise is based upon. Examining from this context may help to crystalize what you want your audience to know about your product or service.

Build A Great Store and They Will Come…Right?

constructing a buildingWho doesn’t remember the movie, “Field of Dreams?” The key line was, “build it and they will come.” While that was a super line for the movie, in today’s world you need to do more. Yes, you’ve built a great store and you have an impressive product or service. However, you still need to promote it to get people to buy in.

Promotion or advertising is the bread and butter of any business. The better the PR, the greater chance you have of capturing the business you desire. This is where the content of your message becomes critical.

When you can target long-tail keywords you will start to rank higher on Google ratings. When you optimize metadata info, you will rank higher with Google. So, what is metadata? There are two quick and easy answers. One, ask our friend Chris at Full Scope Creative.  He knows this stuff and is happy to fill you in. The other answer slightly more complicated (ok, so I stretched the truth on being easy). On each page of a website there is hidden information which talks about your web page to Google. You, the web owner, needs to have this filled out. Otherwise, you might be losing out on free targeted organic search traffic from Google.

Other ways to increase traffic is by:

  • Developing added content (blogs, vlogs, testimonials etc.) so you are seen…constantly
  • Building backlinks that are superior to the competition
  • Developing added content (blogs, vlogs, testimonials etc.) so you are seen…constantly
  • Building backlinks that are superior to the competition

As you can see, a highly targeted SEO is truly the way to “build it and they will come.”

Desperately Seeking SEO

Ok, so you busted me. Yes, I stole the line from the 80’s movie, “Desperately Seeking Susan.” However, SEO is far from the movie where it’s based on mistaken identity and plenty of humor. No, we want our SEO to focus on reaching out to new subscribers. Think this is a lofty goal to reach? Think again.

A 2019 study by Brightedge states how organic search is responsible for 53% of all site traffic. Add to that number 15% from paid searches each month and you’ve got a hefty 70% of trackable website traffic. Organic search responsible for 53% of all site traffic, paid 15% [Study] (searchengineland.com)

That. Is. Huge.

Consider this, if you are continually changing up your content by adding new testimonials, or blogs that inspire…you could keep reaching out to new users over and over again. Wouldn’t you say that is a marketer’s ultimate dream?

Cultivating The Competitive Edge

competitive chess pawn wearing a crownDo you want to be better? Bottom line is if you want to do better, you need to utilize your SEO strength. Serious competitors have already realized this and are maxing it out to their fullest advantage. That means you should too!

Being visible to searchers will keep you in the spotlight. Additionally, the more your business pop up in searches, the more credible you appear. You then suddenly become the trustworthy “favorite uncle” who won’t let you down.

However, there are other reasons why SEO is essential. As you are building credibility from all those organic searches, you are also collecting data to continually improve your traffic. Yes, a well-balanced SEO will be pulling in information from multiple areas. All you need is to make sure you have your analytics set to capture this material. If you are not sure how to do this, then hiring an SEO consultant is key.

SEO Will Keep You Getting Better and Better

Think of it this way, a finely tuned SEO will pay for itself in no time. Why? Because each month of SEO refinements, you site becomes more enhanced and stronger. Why chase after sales when your SEO will work for you 24-7?

 A credible SEO is cost-effective. Once you have the traffic coming in via well thought out search engine terms, people will be interested. Now its your job to persuade them you are the right strategic partner.

Again, your SEO can be your guardian angel. It will continually flow consistent traffic to your site. Then you work your magic and voila, the rest is history. Remember, a well-run SEO will generate both leads as well as sales.

Get Your SEO In Order, and You’re Done. Right?

Checking wrist watchSome folks believe if they do the right steps and get their SEO in tip-top shape, they can relax. Back up a minute. From all we have discussed today, you do think that is possible.

I’m going to go on the record here and say this now. People who have this illusion that your SEO is a one-and-done, are in for a shock. Why? Because your website is marketing by the second.

Think about it this way, studies show people on average will spend about 15 seconds on a website. That means you have 15 seconds to “Wow” them and keep them on your site. As already mentioned, new and interesting content will help. The more you add quality content, Google will like you and move you up in the ratings. Add keywords and longtail keywords and, Boom! You’re off to the races.

Your SEO is your ticket to marketing your business. Keep the browsers interested and you can rest assured some of them will bite. The more bites you receive, the better your analytics look, the more Google likes you. It’s like a match made in heaven.

That is what we want for you. A fully responsive SEO that complements your business. Yes, you will have to continually update with quality content. Not sure how to maximize your SEO? Never fear, Full Scope Creative will be happy to assist. We love taking the complex and making it simple. Our joy is seeing our customers flourish and shine. Are you ready?

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