What to Do with a Blog Article Once Published

An endless marketing tool

I’m yet to meet a business that can’t benefit from having an active blog on their website. It’s a great way to showcase your knowledge, build your authority, secure top search engine rankings, and more. Whenever I tell clients and businesses of the need to blog, I often hear the common “I’m not a writer” or “No one will read it” or “It’s a lot of time” arguments. While you may not be the greatest writer, that’s no issue. Think no one will read it, guess again. And not worth your time? Sure might take some time to write, but the great thing about a blog is it is a piece of marketing content that can be used repeatedly. 

Publishing a blog article is just the beginning of that blog article’s usefulness to your business and website. To maximize its impact and reach and benefit, it’s essential to repurpose and promote the content effectively. There are several great uses and strategies you can implement to make the most out of your blog posts.

One of the easiest most effective ways to use a blog article is to link to a related landing page on your website. This can be as simple as taking a few words that might be related to a landing page and linking to that page. For example, if your company sells construction services, you might have a blog article that mentions a specific service you offer. That name of the service can be linked out to that landing page or to a city specific landing page.

Doing this not only helps to drive traffic to those pages, but also helps Google find those pages to give the best ranking possible. While this link might sound fairly minimal and simple, it can  improve your site’s SEO by creating a network of internal links.

Generate Email Newsletter Content

Your blog articles are often going to be a great treasure trove of material for your email newsletters. You can simply summarize the key points of a post and include links to the full blog article. This not only keeps your email subscribers informed but also drives traffic back to your website.

The great thing about using your blog articles for email newsletter material is that you can increase the number of emails you can generate, without doing much more work. Not all of your subscribers will read your blog on a regular basis, so doing this will increase your chances of having readers. 

Create Social Media Content

Creating social media content can be another time consuming marketing activity. With an active blog, you’ll be able to repurpose your blog content into bite-sized pieces for social media. You can create a series of posts highlighting different aspects of the article, use quotes or statistics, or even create visual content like infographics and videos.

With each of the posts, you can then link back to your blog article to help generate more traffic to your site. With social media being such a shareable medium, you will be able to significantly increase the reach of your one blog article, simply by sharing it out more. 

Turn It into a Video or Podcast

Transform your blog article into a video or podcast episode. This allows you to reach audiences who prefer consuming content through different mediums. A video summary or a podcast discussion can offer a fresh perspective on the same content, broadening its appeal.

Put them all together

The great thing about all of these additional uses for a blog article is that you can use the same blog article and do all four or even find more uses. Doing any or all of these techniques can extend the life of your blog content and engage your audience across multiple platforms.

Publishing a blog article is a great first step, but maximizing its potential requires strategic promotion and repurposing. By linking to landing pages, generating email content, creating social media posts, and exploring other ideas like videos, podcasts, and webinars, you can extend the reach and impact of your blog content, ultimately driving more traffic and engagement for your small business clients.Implement these strategies and watch your blog content work harder for you, delivering greater value to your clients and their audiences.

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