Do you have trouble closing your blog articles?

Watch what I do here: oftentimes when I’m writing a blog, the opening of the blog comes pretty easily to me. The body of the is fairly painless to write as well. The part I get hung up on the most it seems, is the closing. However, recently I found a great way to help get the closing piece written quickly and easily as well.

If you’ve talked with me much at all, you know I’m a big fan of having a blog on your site. It’s a great way to provide your users and readers with more of your ideas and let them get to know who you are. The problem with writing articles for your blog, however, is oftentimes the actual writing of the article. When I give a prepared speech, I always go in knowing what my opening is, have a couple of bullet points for the body of the speech, and then state my intro again, but in reverse. The same applies to writing a blog article.

Simply start by writing out your opening since quite often, that’s not very difficult. Introduce your subject and say why you feel it’s important. Moving into the body of the article, simply list some bullet points and then expand upon each point and turn it into a paragraph or two. Offering an example or two can be a good way to help illustrate your point as well.

However, it’s those pesky closing paragraphs that can trip me and many other writers up! One of the easiest ways to handle the closing is to simply to restate your opening. As we say in Toastmasters, in the opening of a speech you should, ‘tell us what you’re going to tell us,’ in the body you should actually ‘tell us,’ and then in the closing you should ‘tell us what you told us.’ Simply apply the same method to your blog or other writing projects.

By writing your opening in reverse, you’ll be able to quickly and easily bring your blogs to a close. The closing is the part of writing a blog that a fair amount of writers get tied up on, even with the opening and body of the article come easily. Simply switching the heading around is a great way to easily bring your blog to an end. (See what I did there?)

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