When I talk to clients about blogging, email newsletters or social media, I often get asked about what they should write about. What you write about isn’t necessarily the most important thing to think about. What you should be thinking about and keeping in mind, is that it’s all about the conversation between you and your community.

While it’s important for you to be talking about things related to your industry or business, at the end of the day you are really just having a conversation with people. Make sure that your writings and posts are written in a similar tone and style to which you speak. Some people think that since they are writing they need to use big words or come across as a very well educated writer – not at all true, but do be sure to use spell check and proof read things.

The goal with these different types of communications is to keep you and your company front and center with your community. It’s really no different from calling someone or going out for a cup of coffee. Just be yourself and share your ideas and provide some value. We may live in a high tech world, but people still buy from people.

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