Here I am, struggling to write a blog… again. I have a list of several topics written down but I can’t seem to get myself interested in any of them enough to write about them at the moment. So here I am at my favorite spot to do any writing – my favorite coffee shop while enjoying my favorite pot of tea. I started writing whatever came to mind, in the hopes that I’d eventually get that one flicker of an idea.

I’m thinking over the blogs that I’ve written in the past, again hoping that something gives me a spark of creativity, an idea of anything to write about. Hmmm… I’ve written about Star Wars in the past – that was a fun blog to write. Maybe I should write a blog about Batman…

The Presidential election is coming up. I’m not at all opposed to people writing about politics or religion in their blogs. It’s a great way for people to get to know you – but I’ve had enough of politics for one week already. I’m currently re-reading one of my favorite books, Rhinoceros Success. As the author of the book, Scott Alexander, often says – you have to keep charging! So I think it’s time I start charging to the office and start work for the day.

Hey, look at that: it’s a blog article.

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