Is an SSL Enough for Security?

One of the best things that any website can do for protection and security is installing a SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate. Although SSL provides great security and protection for the site and users, it is not the final step. While there are any number of steps that can be taken for security, at a minimum, a site should also have a dedicated IP address, consistent WordPress system updates, and regular backups.

Dedicated IP

Having a dedicated IP address provides your business and website a unique identity that won’t get muddied up by another user. In a shared hosting environment, many sites can be using the same IP address. There’s nothing wrong with this, so long as each site, ‘plays by the rules’ as they say. If one of those sites is blacklisted (accidentally or otherwise), it can have the same impact on your website. By having a dedicated or unique IP address, only be your website can cause issues for your site, removing that unnecessary vulnerability.

WordPress System Updates

We’ve mentioned before the need for regularly running WordPress updates for themes, plugins, and the core system. These updates should be monitored and run weekly at the very least. By keeping the WordPress system updated, you’ll always be running the latest and most secure version of the software. When these updates show up, some of them are there to address security issues that have been found and the patches are made available. Running the updates is quick and easy to do with just a few clicks of the mouse and about 60 seconds.

Regular Backups

Even by following best practices such as installing a SSL certificate, having a dedicated IP address, and keeping all updates monitored and installed, there is always a risk for problems. When they happen, having access to site backups will make the recovery process much quicker and easier. With most website hosting providers, it’s easy to set up automatic backups. Having access to these backups for a least 4 weeks is usually enough time to be able to provide a safe backup if needed.

At Full Scope Creative, one of our most popular hosting options is our Security Essentials hosting plan. This plan includes a SSL certificate and dedicated IP address, as well as management of all system updates by Full Scope Creative. Furthermore, we make weekly backups of the site and store them for several months. If you want to add this level of security and protection to your site, simply email me at and we can begin getting your site set up for secure hosting.

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