In recent years, a website’s page load time has been an increasing factor in search engine ranking. While there are a number of things that can impact the speed of a site, one that can be easily fixed is to optimize the images on your site. One of the easiest ways to optimize your images is to run them through is a free resource that will take any uploaded image, PNG or JPG, and compress the image size. The great thing about, is not just the ease of use but also the fact that while it can save up to 75% or more of the file size, the quality of the image stays the same. You can even upload and save multiple images, again either PNG or JPG, at one time to save yourself even more time.

Optimizing images through a program like Photoshop is ideal, and can help save even more time, but it isn’t required. There is a pro version of, but if you are only managing a single site or two, the free version will work just fine. While the compression saving on one image may not be much, applying that to all the images on your site can easily add up. If you’re looking to improve the load time of your site, start by running your images though tinypng.jpg. It’s a free program, won’t take away from the quality of your images, better load time, better Google ranking. I think you see why I like this program. 

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