Do you ever visit a website and get annoyed with all the various ads on the site? If you need an example, look at your local newspapers website, chance are they have countless ads on the site. If you’re looking to sell ad space on your website, there is a much better way to do it. It follows an age old principle – less is more.

Instead of adding several ads in just about every available nook and cranny, look to add one or two, maybe three at very most. Place these ads in logical places, such as below the header section of your site or in the sidebar. The key then is to sell each ad space for more money as you are offering a more exclusive product or opportunity.

Think of it like this. How many companies own the naming rights to the Milwaukee Brewers ballpark? One, Miller Brewing Company (hence the name, Miller Park). When their current contact ends, Miller will have the chance to buy the right again for a set period of time. No other company can lay claim to the naming rights of that company because it is an exclusive product and opportunity.

If you’re looking to sell ad space on your site or if you are already selling and have your site covered in ads, let Giantseed Creative help you to cut down the ads, but not your income.

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