Reasons Your Site Should Be Redesigned

So You need an Update...

At some point in life, it is simply time to update your look. That may mean updating your wardrobe or getting a new haircut (seriously, mullets are so 90s and not cool). The same is true for your website. There comes a time when a redesign is needed. There are a few things to look at to help determine if a new site design is needed. 

One of the first things to check for is dated colors. Did the color scheme of your branding, office, or store change? If so, it is probably time to at least make those current on your design. Sometimes, a simple color change on a design is easy and simple. Sometimes, a design is so closely tied to a certain color scheme that changing it can ruin the design. Imagine the golden arches of McDonalds being green – it just wouldn’t work. 

outdated record playersAnother thing to check for is the various design trends used in the design. If your site was designed around or hinges on a design trend that was once trending, you’re probably in need of a redesign. Imagine a bar built around the contempt of the song “Achy Breaky Heart” by Billy Ray Cyrus (yes, I owned the CD when it came out. Stop laughing). There’s no real way to rework some of those trends aside from a full redesign. I know that might break your achy breaky heart to have to do, but there comes a point that a design is simply dated and in need of a change. 

The same can be true for an element of functionality on the site that just doesn’t work react anymore. Think back to a few years ago when sites were built in Adobe Flash. That technology is no longer supported by any browser (collective high five for designers everywhere!). If your site had features dependent on Flash, you’ll have no choice but to upgrade. It could also be features like a certain contact form layout that doesn’t work well with today’s mobile world or a site feature that requires heavy use of JavaScript. 

redesign a website with fullscope creativeThere are times that you might have an easier redesign or update. For example, if your site design relies heavily on a slideshow, it might be as easy as designing a new hero section for the site. In the hero section, that photo should probably change with  the times as well. You don’t still have the mullet do you? Didn’t think so. A new photo by itself can breathe new life into a site and keep it fresh. A fresh site will always be more engaging for your users, meaning more conversions and success for you. 

Eventually the time will come and you’ll need a new website design. There might be the upfront cost of the design, but it could pay off for years to come. Have you ever heard of someone wishing they kept their mullet or still line dances to Achy Breaky Heart on a regular basis? Didn’t think so. If you need help with a website or branding redesign, chat with Full Scope Creative and see how we can help. 

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