One of the biggest problems I see on many websites, is that they have very few photos. Often times when they do have photos, those photos are missing a very important subject matter – people.

Take a restaurant for example. Having photos of the food is a good idea. Having photos of the inside of the restaurant showing what the decor is like is a good idea. Both those photos are missing that one key subject matter – people. Instead of focusing on the food, focus on people enjoying the food. Instead of focusing on the decor of the restaurant, focus on people sitting in the booths smiling, laughing, and enjoying the food. If you don’t want to use your customers in the photos (there are pros and cons to doing so), grab some employees or some of your family or friends.

The whole point of the photos is to provide an idea of what the visitor to the site is going to experience when they come in to your business. By focusing on the people in the photos instead of just the product of your business, you can start shaping their opinion of the experience of your business. With the right photos you can set the right atmosphere, mood, and tone for your business.

If your website has photos without any people in them, it does beg the question, “why?” Avoid the confusion and taken advantage of one of the greatest selling points on your website, and add in some people to your photos.

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