A common issue I hear from clients is that when they are looking to hire, they are having a tough time finding enough qualified applicants. Too often, those businesses just have their job applications printed and ready for applicants to stop in and grab one. Many times, these businesses are looking to hire and employee millennials. When millennials, and many other slightly tech-savvy folk, are looking for a job, where do they go? Online.

Having your job applications printed and ready for people to stop in and collect is very much a dated idea. Today, when people are looking for employment, they’re going to look to online sources such as Facebook or other social media avenues. If your “Help Wanted” listing instructs potential applicants to stop in and fill out an application, you are likely going to lose a handful of them. It’s not that they’re lazy (debatable I guess); it’s simply a matter of convenience.

When I was last looking for a part time job in July of 2011, I went to several companies’ websites and completed applications directly on their sites. I wasn’t too lazy to go in and fill out an application, but it was about 9:00 at night when I started looking. I was able to find an available position and complete the online application from the comfort of my own home. Two days later, they called me for an interview. What could be easier for me, the job applicant? Adding a form to your website isn’t a huge ordeal. There are a number of ways that they can be set up.

For example, a few of our clients have their full job applications online for applicants. Some of them require all the fields to be filled in – they are only looking for people who are truly wanting to work for their business and are willing to fill out a full application. Some of them only require a few fields – they are looking for a wider pool of applicants. For other clients, their job applications are very simple: they collect just enough information to determine if the applicant is a credible option for the position they want to fil. If so, they will have the qualified applicant fill out a second form, saving time and energy for both parties.

Having printed applications available at your business isn’t a horrible idea, but don’t limit yourself to yesterday’s norm. That just limits the number of applicants who might apply. Place a job application, either the full application or an abbreviated one, on your website and make posts about it on your social media platforms to help drive attention to the positions you are looking to fill.

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