Writing content can be a bit of a laborious chore. For many readers, reading the content we write can also be a laborious chore. If you simply write paragraph after paragraph of content, odds are your site users aren’t going to eagerly read through it all. However, there are a couple of things you can do to make your text more readable.

Hire a Copywriter

One of the obvious things is to have a skilled writer proofread your writing. When a professional copywriter proofreads your content, they’ll check for the big issues – spelling and grammar – but they can also identify ways to make your writing easier to read. For example, keep your sentences simple. Short, uncomplicated sentences are easier to read. The same principle applies to your words. You could say, “The region of the atmosphere and outer space seen from earth is sky is azure…” – or you can say, “The sky is blue.” Which one gets your point across in the most clear, concise way? That’s the one to use.

In addition, there are some great free tools out there that can help you improve your writing. Grammarly, Grammar Girl, and Virtual Writing Tutor are three that come to mind. You can go to most of these for writing tips as well as just to get an answer for a specific issue, like the differences between the words “there”, “their” and “they’re”, or “your” and “you’re”.

Use Images

If you don’t have access to a copywriter, there are a few other tricks that can help make your content easy to read. One thing you’ll find with just about every human being is that they’re visual beings. They would prefer to see something rather than read it. Even if it’s something as simple as including a photo to break up the content, the image can provide your user with something different to focus on for a moment. Images don’t have to mean strictly photos, either – charts and graphs are also a great way to reiterate the message you’re trying to get across.

Use Headings

Line after line of text can get a bit long. Doing something as simple as adding in headings with a larger or different font can be enough to break up content and make it more readable. Keep in mind that search engines tend to put greater significance on the words in a heading. Because of this, headings can be a great spot to add in some of your keywords for the given page as well.

On some pages, there might be certain portions of text that a user is looking for. By having specific headings set up, you can help those users more easily find exactly what they’re looking for on the page.

Some pages on your site might end up having a lot of content. If that content doesn’t need to be all on one page, it can be broken up to create additional pages, which helps visually and that can help, but sometimes it does need to all be on one page. Especially when you have pages with more information on them, working with a copywriter, using images, and using headings can help make your content more readable. More readable content tends to lead to higher conversion rates.

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