One of my favorite blogs to follow is SitePoint. They have blog articles that cover a really wide range of topics. One of the reasons that the blog is very successful is that they have many people writing the various blogs in all the different categories. A lot of times when I talk to people about blogging, they get worried about not having enough time to write the blogs. Having different people writing and contributing to your blog is a great way to “lighten the workload.”

One of the really nice benefits of having multiple people writing and contributing blogs on your site is that it allows you to have really high quality blogs written on many different topics. In the case of SitePoint, they have writers who focus on business practices, others write on design, and yet others write on programming. You can easily have the same on your blog with different people in your company from different departments writings on various topics related to their department.

Another nice benefit is that it will allow you to use even more of your unique keywords for your site. I’ve written before about using keywords in your blogs and all of the benefits that it can bring. When you have more people writing you have more opportunities to keep using those keys words and in a little different context each time.

One other benefit of having multiple people blogging is that everyone has a different voice, both spoken and written. For some readers of your blog, maybe they don’t like your writing style, but maybe they do like someone else’s style from in your company. The great benefit there is that you’re blog still keeps that reader and is still able to provide the great content to that ready.

Keep in mind, the point of blogging is to provide quality info to your community. It’s really doesn’t matter who it is front, some long as it is good quality information that uses some of your keywords. If you are looking to have multiple people blogging and have any concerns, get in touch with Giantseed Creative and we can help you explore some of the different options that we have available.

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