KISS Your Email Signature

In a nutshell, your email signature is a digital business card. As such, it should contain much of the same content: your name, telephone number, website address, company logo and a quick mention of what you do. Of course, you need to include your email address as well – especially if your emails are likely to be forwarded or printed. Optional items to incorporate into your signature would be your business’ street address (if you have a brick and mortar location that your customers visit, for example) and maybe a short quotation that helps your customers get to know you better – i.e., “If my mind can conceive it and my heart can believe it – then I can achieve it.” – Muhammad Ali.

What I don’t recommend is a HUGE signature. I have seen a couple of them that had at least 10 lines of text and contained a goofy image. Featuring your company logo or a professional photo of yourself is one thing – but an image from your favorite movie or something else not business-related is a bit too much.

Like many marketing pieces, be sure to KISS your email signature and Keep It Short & Simple. (Okay, okay – most people know that acronym as “Keep It Simple, Stupid” but mine is kinder – and gives better instructions than the original.) With an email signature, your main goal is to provide quick and easy-to-find contact information, not promote the business or make a sale.

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