If content is King, then layout is Queen

If content is king then layout is queen

I’ve mentioned before that when it comes to a website, content is king. What Google and users want when they are looking at your site is high quality content. 300 words of text on a page is minimum. 2000 words of text on a page is great. But all that text simply displayed in essay form, will be overwhelming for most readers. The trick is to break up the content. 

If the content on our websites is King, the layout is Queen. The layout, realistically, is almost just as important as the content. I can’t imagine the dread my high school teachers would have when they’d have to read essay after essay that was submitted for homework. Double dreaded if they were hand written. Unlike those essays that are paragraph after paragraph, with a website there are endless ways that we can improve the layout. Adding in client testimonials, image galleries, videos, and call to actions are just a few of the easy ways to break up the monotony of plain text. 

With Elementor, Full Scope Creative’s favorite WordPress editor, it’s easy to setup these different breakout or highlight sections. In the Elementor editor, you can save a section as a template, and then easily drop it into any page where it might be needed. The great thing is, once the basic template is in place, the design will stay the same, but you can easily update the content of it. For example, on a site we’re currently building, there is a breakout section that spans the full width of the screen and has an image gallery. When that template is used on a specific page, say Window Cleaning, that gallery can be set to only show Window Cleaning images. When it’s used on the Solar Panel Cleaning page, it is set to only show Solar Panel Cleaning images. All done through the easy to use templates, but customized to the page.

If a paragraph is even running a bit long, simply adding in an image through the text editor is a great way to break up the text. Keep the image a bit smaller (no 2,000 pixel width images here) and position it to the left or the right. An image every other paragraph or so, especially on a wordier page, will help users to keep navigating the page. If it’s a sales page, be sure to include an option to buy or complete the transaction every no and then.

Not only will improving the layout of your websites pages be easier to read for users, it will also help lead to more conversions. More breakout sections or highlights means more chances for a call to action. More call to action buttons means a greater chance to bring a user to the key page to make the sale or fill out the contact form or schedule a meeting with you.

Having great quality content is key for a website. 2,000 words of quality text is great for a webpage, especially for SEO. But paragraph after paragraph after paragraph, can be an overwhelming site for most readers. Yes, content is King on a website. But while content is King, the layout is Queen. 

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