Getting a Blog Article Started

Have you ever had a great blog idea but just couldn’t quite come up with the right words to start it? After being in that bit of writers block my fair share of times, I’ve found a couple tricks that seam to work pretty well to get the blog written.

When I have a great idea for a blog and just can’t find the words to get started, I’ll grab a pen and a legal pad of paper and just start writing anything I can think of. Most of the time, the first 2 or 3 ideas get scrapped and never used. It usually never fails, though, and I do find the right words to get the blog started. Once it’s started the blogs tend to write themselves.

Another approach I’ve used and have had many people recommend is to start by writing the main content section of the article. Once that section is written, you’ll probably have a rush of ideas for the opening to the blog.

Either technique will work. The key with both is simply to get started and get writing.

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