Sometimes when I sit down to write a blog, nothing happens. I can have a great topic picked out and some notes even jotted down in my blogging notebook, but nothing gets written. I should add this one note – that usually only happens when I write in my office. Once I realized that I don’t write well in my office, I quit writing there and started looking for different places to write, places that I could get in a certain writing zone.

I’ve test a few other places to go and write and almost every one of them worked out better for me than my office. Sometimes, even just going to a conference room next door to my office, works better for me. What I’ve found that works best is going to The Attic, a local coffee shop, and writing there. I wrote almost every line of my business plan there, many/most of my blogs, and countless other pieces I’ve written over the years.

The setting is the same almost every time: early in the morning (when I’m most alert), a pen and pad of paper (yup, very low tech for this guy), and a pot of tea. Even today while it is about 90 degrees outside I started there with a hot pot of tea writing this blog, writing on a yellow legal pad and then typing it up once I got back to my office.

If you are having any issues getting your ideas out and blogs written, grab a pad of paper and a pen and go somewhere else to write. Keep track of what works for you and find your zone for writing. Once you find it, simply stick to it.

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