You’ve heard me say a time or two (or more) why I think WordPress is such a great content management system. One of those reasons is the number of great plugins that are readily available to use on websites. One plugin that we’ve been using on almost every site we’ve been doing lately is called Formidable – a contact form plugin. There are a couple of really great features to Formidable that make it one of my favorites.

One of the great things about Formidable is how easy to set up it is. While it’s true that the standard out-of-the-box form included has some odd parts to it (for example, there is a question asking what the subject of your contact form is and the name fields are only half width), those are easy to change or remove all together. Unlike other contact form plugins, such as Contact Form 7, adding new fields or questions to your contact form is really easy: it’s a simple drag and drop setup that allows you to create the question and its HTML elements all in one.

Even with no knowledge of HTML, you can easily create new questions, and getting those new questions to show up in the email that is sent to you is all done by default as well – again, making it super easy to use, especially for non programmers. As is the case with my contact form plugins for WordPress, Formidable is also really easy to connect with Google’s recaptcha to reduce and eliminate spam. You can easily set up various styles of recaptcha in order to best suit the needs of your website and the amount of spam you may be getting.
On a couple of the websites we’ve done, we’ve needed to do some more advanced features on the contact form. The premium version of Formidable has a lot of great options that can be used to take your contact form to a new level. However, if you only need standard forms and standard questions with no advanced conditional statements or things of that nature, the free version will work just fine.

Because of how easy to use the plugin is and how versatile it can be with the
premium version, Formidable is by far my favorite contact form plugin to use with WordPress. If your site isn’t using Formidable or you’re not getting the most out of your contact forms, contact us today. Visit – and yes, the contact form there, that’s Formidable.

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