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One of the best tools for website design

One of the best marketing tools any small business can have is a well designed and powerful website. Such a website can make a huge difference in how your brand is perceived and how well you can connect with your audience and possible customers. Unfortunately, having such a powerful and dynamic website can be difficult to maintain and update. If you are not a web designer or developer familiar with HTML, CSS, and PHP, this can be quite a burden. Thankfully, there are a number of tools and resources that can make updating such a powerful and dynamic website super easy. One of them is the Elementor editor for WordPress, and more importantly, Elementor’s Theme Builder. With the Theme Builder, you’ll be able to easily customize and update every part of your website. 

What is Elementor’s Theme Builder?

Elementor’s Theme Builder is a powerful and easy to use feature that allows you to create, design, customize, and update many key aspects of your WordPress site. All of this is done using the same simple drag-and-drop interface that is used in basic page editing with Elementor. With the Theme Builder, you can create custom templates for key features of your site, such as headers, footers, blog posts, and more. And again, all of this can be done without writing a single line of code.

Key Features of the Theme Builder

The theme builder will allow you to create and maintain key components or parts of your WordPress website. With the Theme Builder, you can manage so many features, create various templates, and the ability to include dynamic content. Here are some key benefits that make the Theme Builder a game-changer for small business owners.

Full-Site Editing

By using the Elementor Theme Builder, you can easily manage so many key features of your website, from header to footer. You can easily ensure that your brand’s style and messaging are on point and the same from page to page. 

Once a feature is created in the Theme Builder, it can be used over and over again on any page. What makes this even greater, is that if there is an update that needs to be made, you only need to make that update in one place. Once the Theme Builder is updated, each page that uses that feature will be updated. For example, say you have a Theme Builder page set for all of your blog articles that lists the categories on the right hand sidebar. In the Theme Builder, you could update that to also include your most recently published blog articles, and this change would take effect on every blog your site has published. 

No Coding Required

I’m guessing you could rather quickly come up with a list of things you would rather be doing than learning website coding. One of the greatest advantages that many small business owners love about the Theme Builder, is that it requires no coding knowledge. If you’re familiar with the basic operations of Elementor, the Theme Builder works the exact same way. You’ll be able to utilize the same drag-and-drop interface and functionality to help build and manage all of the various website sections.

With the Theme Builder, your website will still be in WordPress and using the Elementor editor, it is simply adding even more functionality to what you can do. If you edit the Header section, it’s the same basic elements that are used on other pages. If needed, you can add in custom CSS or HTMl and JavaScript, but these are only needed for very advanced uses. 

Dynamic and Conditional Content

One of the things to help make a site stand out for users and search engines is dynamic content. This is content that might change on a regular basis or change page to page and post to post basis. For example, a blog post title might be displayed differently than a regular page heading. Other common changes could be sidebars or Loop Grids used from post type to post type.

The Theme Builder allows for dynamic content to be used and displayed seamlessly. This allows you to automatically display the perfect information in just the right spot. This functionality is incredibly powerful if your website uses tools like Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) to manage your content.

You can also set up many different Conditional statements that will help determine when a theme or template is used. For example, say you have a template set in the Theme Builder for all of your blog articles, then that template would get applied for every blog article you publish. But perhaps you have a certain Category of blog articles that you want to have a special or unique formatting. That can easily be done by establishing another template and only applying that template if the article is assigned to that particular category. 

You can even add Conditional formatting to different elements and sections on a template. For example, you could have a Hero section for your website pages to display the Featured image of that page. With conditional formatting, you can make it so that the Hero section will not display or load if that featured image isn’t uploaded for the page. 

Design Flexibility

If you’re at all familiar with Elementor, you know of the wide range of elements and design tools that are available. In the Theme Builder, all of these elements are available, and even more! From typography to colors to spacing and more, you can have complete control over exactly how your website looks. With all of these tools available for use in the Theme Builder, it makes it even easier for you to be able to maintain the perfect website for your business.  

With the Theme Builder and the templates available to update, you can add in new content and features as needed. For example, say your business only uses Facebook for social media, but you add in LinkedIn. By going into the header or footer templates, you can add in that new link, and the change will take effect on all pages. 

By using and getting familiar with the Theme Builder, you can easily go into a section of your WordPress admin that has all of these templates. You can then edit just the template needed, and that editing will be done in a visual builder and editor just like any other Elementor page. 

Take full control of your website

Elementor’s Theme Builder allows small business owners to take full control of their website’s content, design, and functionality. With its easy-to-use, visual interface, the Theme Builder removes the need for knowing any website coding and makes website updates easy for any small business owner. Whether you are looking to create and manage a website with a cohesive brand presence or just want to make your site look better, the Theme Builder offers the tools you need.

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