One of the biggest keys to success with a website for any small business is to find the perfect keywords. Once your website is using the right keywords in all the best places, you can start to see the increase in traffic and conversions. Working those keywords into the site isn’t the toughest part of search engine optimization. The part that can be the trickiest, is finding the right keywords. There are a number of tools that can be used to help in this process. Some tools, such as SEMRush, have a fee associated with them. But one that is free, is Google itself. 

Several years ago, Google began offering its intuitive search feature. With this feature, you can start typing in a search, and the Google algorithm will start to populate or type out what it thinks you are searching for. The great thing about this is that when it adds in multiple words to your initial input, there is a significant change that the term is a fairly trafficked or used search term. This technique for finding keywords can be extremely helpful if you know the first half of a keyword but aren’t quite sure of how to end it. 

When we’ve done keyword research for Full Scope Creative, we’d start by typing in “Green Bay We” and not finish typing out “Web Design.” What came up in Google provided us the keywords of “Green Bay Web Design,” “Green Bay Website Design,” “Web Design Companies Green Bay,” and many more. Once we had all of those keywords, we explored each in SEMRush to find which would be the most impactful. We then created landing pages for the others. 

Another way to use Google is to do the full search for your targeted keyword, and scroll down to the “Related Searches” section. All of the searches that show up in that section, are other terms that people searched that were at least a little matching to your given keyword. For Full Scope Creative we did this with the term “Green Bay Web Design” and found other keywords such as “Green Bay Marketing Agencies” and “Green Bay Web Solutions.” And again we created landing pages for each of those keywords.

These two methods for finding keywords can then be applied to any service and geographic area that you’re looking to expand your business in. It’s a great way to generate a large list of ideal keywords to focus on to create that many more landing pages for your site. 

Compile a comprehensive list of keywords

Mastering keyword research is a fundamental aspect of optimizing your website’s visibility and driving traffic for your small business. While tools like SEMRush can be valuable, don’t overlook the power of Google itself, which offers intuitive search features and related searches that can uncover valuable keyword opportunities. By leveraging these methods, as we’ve done at Full Scope Creative, you can compile a comprehensive list of targeted keywords to enhance your online presence and create tailored landing pages for maximum impact. Whether you’re in web design or any other service industry, harnessing the potential of these keyword discovery techniques can pave the way for greater success and expansion in your chosen market.

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