Elementor is a page builder plugin for WordPress that makes it simple to create very detailed, unique site designs that are easy to revise. Users don’t need to know any coding whatsoever to utilize its drag and drop tools to create and update pages. It comes with a wide array of elements, or widgets, that allow users to organize the content on a page simply. Its ease of use and professional-looking layout are two of the things I like most about the plugin.

When we are designing a site for a client, especially the home page, we often want a little more detail in the layout with various boxes to highlight certain information or full width rows for images to help breakup the content. We’ve always been able to do this in WordPress, but in the past, it would often mean needing to utilize HTML or other programming languages to make updates.

With Elementor, we can create those layouts without infringing on our clients’ needs to easily go in and make updates any HTML knowledge. Elementor features a very easy to use editor that breaks page layout into smaller, editable sections. Elementor comes with a variety of pre-made sections for things such as text blocks, headings, and images, but also more advanced features like easy to embed Google maps, photo galleries, FAQs, and more. The professional version of Elementor has even more options available as well. 

By allowing our clients to make those updates on their own, it helps us provide a better website experience to the businesses and nonprofits we work with. Our clients can log into WordPress and make many of these changes on their own, when they need to, and don’t need to hire us to do that work or learn any website programming to get their changes made. 

Remember when Uncle Ben told Peter Parker (Spiderman), “With great power, comes great responsibility…” ? While Elementor does provide our clients with a great power to be able to easily make updates to their site, there can also be a great responsibility that could come with it. Elementor basically makes WordPress function like many of the other What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) editors. However, with Elementor, we can control many of those design aesthetics (font, color, background color, etc.) through the CSS still, maintaining the integrity of the site design all the way through on each page.

To put it simply, Elementor makes it easy for our clients to login and make text updates to their sites on their own. This plugin is a tool that we at Full Scope Creative are proud to employ as it speaks to one of the driving factors that got our company started: a sincere desire to provide businesses and nonprofits with a better website and marketing experience.

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