Don't buy backlinks

Answer: A Rolex for $10, a $2 steak, Enron stock.

Question: What are 3 things I would buy before I bought a backlink for my website?

One thing I can promise you with SEO, is that Google is not going to pay any attention to the 10,000 backlinks you bought. In fact, buying backlinks is considered Balck Hat SEO. So instead of buying backlinks, what should you do? 

The simple answer, really, is anything. The $10 or $100 you would have spent buying backlinks would be much better spent on things like hiring a copywriter to write 2 or 3 great blog articles, boosting a couple great posts on Facebook, or taking a client out to lunch and having a great conversation with them. Heck, even buying a phonebook ad would be better use of the money. 

Not only will buying backlinks not get your site ranking anywhere, it could very well set you back. Realistically, it could set you back in a couple of different ways. The time you spent, and we all know how valuable time is, could have been better spent on any other task. Literally – any other task. Not only is it a waste of time and money, but Google can sniff out those purchased backlinks from a cyber-mile away. Google has stated that they are opposed to the ideas of purchased backlinks – and we never want to do anything to upset Google. Simply having those purchased backlinks could knock your site down in the rankings. 

That said, proper backlinks are very helpful. Instead of buying them, focus on ways to earn quality backlinks. Links to your site from quality, reputable, and authoritative sites can have a huge impact on your sites ranking. Work to get an article published in your local newspaper. Join trade associations who can add a link to your site on theis. Identify your key referral partners and share links to each other’s site. Any of those links will have a considerably better impact on your sites ranking than even 100,00 purchased backlinks. All it requires is a little bit of leg work on your part. 

Backlinks are a key part of the SEO puzzle. But they need to be quality links, not the cheap rubbish ones you can buy for a nickel. Google will know the difference and rank your site accordingly. Buying 10,000 backlinks for $10 might seem like a tempting offer, but it won’t get you anywhere you want to go. Focus on getting quality backlinks, and use that $10 for just about anything else. Even Carnac the Magnificent wouldn’t buy backlinks.

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