Don’t brag about customer service

I recently saw a commercial for a company that was boasting about how they had the best customer service. I use to work in a customer service role for a large corporation, and granted I worked support shift, there was only one reason people called – something was wrong. Do you really want to promote the fact that your customer service is the best? It’s not a far stretch to argue that what you’re really saying is “We put a lot of focus – time, money, people,  resources – into fixing the problems that you run into with our products.” At the end of the day, what you seem to be saying is “Our product is going to break, but when you call in for help, it’s going to be a great experience.”

Instead of focusing on your great custom service, even if you’ve in fact won an award for how great it is, focus on the real benefits of using your product and company. Is your product the best quality? Is it more reliable? Are you the leading expert in your field? Is it built with precision craftsmanship? If you focus on one of these types of areas instead, what you’re doing is selling the real victories and benefits of you, your company, and your product. Sell your strengths, not your weaknesses.

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