It can’t be said enough – it’s 2020 and cyber attacks and attackers are everywhere. Attackers can do a range of evil things to a site, from adding malware to crashing the site or even holding the site hostage. One easy to install tool that will help thwart these attacks is a firewall. 

A firewall is kind of just what it sounds like – a wall. It is a cyber wall to place between your website and an attacking user or hacker. A firewall will use a combination of advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence to spot attacking users and stop them. Think of it as putting your website in a protective bubble, where the bubble controls who is able to interact with your site and it’s code and database structure. 

Full Scope Creative can easily add Astra Security to any of the sites we host. Along with bad bot detection, blacklist monitoring, and suspicious login alerts, Astra Security also provides an artificial intelligence powered firewall with automated malware scanner and malware cleanup. With a firewall like that provided by Astra Security, you can control things like whitelisting or blackinglistng IP addresses, block specific counties, and block certain actions a user may make that appear suspicious. And best of all – it does all these things without you needing to do anything.

Hackers are a constant threat with any website. It used to be that only sites that had incredible amounts of traffic or online stores needed to worry, sadly those days are long gone. Today, hackers and spammers will target any site, for any reason. Adding a firewall is a great way to keep your site, your users, and your business safe. Contact Full Scope Creative today foto get set up using Astra security and firewall for your site. 

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