Depending on the industry your business is in, you may have some topics or views that might ruffle a few feathers. If you have things that might be a little controversial (think politics) don’t be afraid to talk about them or express your views online through your blog or social media – just be prepared to defend your digital soap box.

A friend of mine is a health insurance rep, and often times will make some very politically base comments. Does he likely ruffle a few feathers with some of his comments? Yup, no doubt. Does he know he’s going to ruffle a few feathers by making those posts? Yup, no doubt. Do people sometimes comment back and argue or debate his posts? Yup, no doubt. When people do argue or debate him though, he will always defend his belief or stance on the issue.

If you express your beliefs or views on any subject and someone challenges or debates you on the issue, just be sure to defend your soap box. Getting a dialog like that going is really what social media is all about.

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