Today most businesses offer free WiFi internet access to their guests. WiFi is a great amenity to offer, and if you put a little creativity into it, you can also use it as a subtle marketing opportunity. Free WiFi is a good way to help pull people into your business, especially if you own a restaurant or coffee shop. One thing you may find at many businesses is that the WiFi is password protected. Depending on the internet service provider, building owner, or tenant’s agreement, a password may be required. If it is, have a little fun with the password.

For example, a coffee shop here in Green Bay changes their password every few days and it usually has a tie to the current season (such as when the password was “christmascheer”) or one of their drinks (like the “americana”). Once the password was almost commanding: “drinktea”. It worked. I ordered a pot of tea and I’ve been going back nearly weekly for coffee and tea.

If you do choose to offer WiFi, change your password every now and then and have a little fun with it. You never know, you might just get someone to make a purchase.

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