I’ve had a couple clients start a blog or an email newsletter this year and one question I get asked quite a bit is whether or not they can talk about certain topics. The two main topics they wonder about seem to be their personal lives and politics. Can you talk about those possibly touchy subjects? Absolutely. They are great topics to write about, so long as you do it correctly. Your blog, social media accounts, and email newsletter are all there to help build the brand and value of you and your business. If you and your family went on a great vacation, share a fun story and maybe a picture. If you recently completed a marathon, let the world know about it.

Some people will even bring up politics or religion. Both of those are fine to bring up, just be prepared to defend your soap box and possibly offend and lose a follower (or potentially a client). I know a lot people will say not to bring up politics or religion, but if you are able to defend your positions (especially on political issues) you can really build yourself as a very strong leader in your industry and build a strong following.

One thing you might make a point to avoid is any topic with too much whining or complaining. Nothing can turn more readers off more quickly than someone who is simply complaining.

When it comes to what to write about in your blogs, social media accounts, and email newsletter keep in mind that is is just that – your blog, your social media accounts, your email newsletter. If you want to write about something, write about it, someone is likely going to read it.

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