The “Call Us Now!” Button

There is a concept in physics that states that objects in motion tend to follow the path of least resistance; people work in much the same way. When looking to solve a problem, we tend to look for the path of least resistance. I know that for some of us (myself leading the pack) we’re a bit impatient and want results and answers right now. When it comes to our websites, we can take that ‘path of least resistance’ mentality and incorporate it into solving our users’ problems, especially when it comes to getting in touch with us.

A friend of mine was recently in need of some repairs to his house after a storm. He picked up his phone and did a Google search just like most people do. He found a contractor and knew they could handle the work based on the first page of their website. In addition, there was a very convenient button that said, “Call Us Now!” When he clicked that button, his phone rang the contractor’s office. They answered and had someone out to his house quickly. He didn’t have to dig around and look for a phone number, write it down, or even copy and paste it. Just one click and he was dialing the contractor.

I know it’s probably not the most optimistic outlook of our society to say that we’re too lazy to copy and paste a phone number, but it is where we are at in 2018. We’ve become so accustomed to instant gratification. On more than one occasion, I’ve decided to order pizza from a different place because the first one’s website didn’t have an easy to use, “Click here to order!” button that rang the pizzeria. We like things NOW and don’t want to wait the small amount of time it takes to copy the telephone number, open the phone, paste the phone number, and hit the green call button. We want things now.

Having a simple button on your site that says, “Call Us Now!” – especially on your site’s home page – is a great way to work in that instant gratification we all desire while still accomplishing the goals of your site. The best part is that adding such a button is a relatively easy thing to do, possibly something you can even do on your own. If you find you’re struggling with it, CALL US TODAY!

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