I always tell people that they need to have a good blog on their site. I’m yet to come across a company that wouldn’t benefit from a blog. One big concern people usually have about blogging is the frequency of their posts. I often get asked “Do I have to write something everyday?” My answer to that question is the same as it is to many questions about blogging – “As much as you want.”

The “experts” will tell you that you should be posting a new blog daily. If you can crank out a new blog with high quality content on a daily basis, go for it. In reality, most people, myself included, don’t have the time to write in that frequency. Instead, I recommend posting weekly. But the main key, make sure the blogs are all high quality.

If you post weekly, you’ll still cash in on all the SEO benefits of blogging and you and your readers won’t get overwhelmed. As a writer, there are only so man hours in a day and many of use have a lot of other things to do. The big thing to keep in mind with your blogs, is that they need to be high quality and with good info that your readers will enjoy.

As a reader, there was a blog I use to follow that posted daily. After a while, I started to realize that only some of the posts were wroth while. The rest were just filler. I quit reading the blog because the amount of time it took to find the good articles verse the filler just didn’t justify the good ones. As many rock ‘n roll bands have said about their albums, it’s got to be all killer, no filler. However, be sure that, unlike most bands, you actually follow though on the all killer aspect.

There is nothing wrong with a blog that is updated weekly. There is nothing wrong with a blog that is updated daily. If you post a new blog once a month, I’d recommend bumping up your frequency a little bit. If I haven’t said it enough, the key is to make sure your blogs have great content.

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