If your business has a physical location where customers will be going (a store, restaurant, office, etc.), be sure to include a map to the location. Some websites will have a map designed to show where the business is located and how to get there, but what I always recommend is using a Google map.There are many benefits to using Google maps, and one of the biggest is that they tend to be the most accurate maps you can find. With all the Google maps I’ve included on a website, only once has the map been incorrect. Once notified Google had the map fixed in about a week or so. Their maps are also very familiar to a wide range of users and provide a lot of great interactivity for the users’ benefits. By providing the Google map, users can very quickly get a lot of other great information as well. They can see other businesses or landmarks near you to help them find your location, and they can plug in their address and get detailed directions in some cases.

Google maps also provide other details that you may not have on your site, such as parking options or reviews of your business that have been added in Google. If you haven’t claimed your Google Places page that should be the next thing you do. If you aren’t familiar with Google Places, read the Google Places blog I wrote a few years back.

Adding a map to your location is a great way to help your users find your location. Make that map as useful as possible and use a Google map.

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