Basic Security for WordPress

As with any content management system (CMS) available today, there are some security risks that need to be accounted for with WordPress. Thankfully, it’s actually very easy – using a secure password and keeping the system and plugins updated.

As with any online account, it’s very important to use a strong password. It’s also highly recommended to update your password every month or so. Most online accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, etc) will usually provide an indication of how strong your password is. Even with that indicator, it’s always a good idea to make sure to follow these basic rules:

  1. 10+ character long
  2. Include capital and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols (*,!,&, etc)
  3. Avoid using your childrens or pets names (to many people know what those names are)

The second things to do to keep WordPress as secure as possible is to make sure you are always running the latest version of the software – both for WordPress and any plugins/themes you have installed. In WordPress, it is very easy to manage upgrades. You’ll see a link labeled Updates whenever there are updates to be done, and then simply follow that link and select which updates you’d like to make and click the Update button. The updates will automatically be installed and any database changes will be made.

WordPress is a great CMS to use and provides countless benefits to it’s users. Like any CMS available, though, security is always an issue and concern. To keep your site safe, keep your passwords strong and keep the system up to date.

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