When you are writing content for your website or blog, you need to know and use some good keywords. Keyword usage is an example of where less is more. Use the keywords (or phrases) too much and you’ll be keyword stuffing – a good way to get kicked out of Google rankings.There is no set rule carved in stone for how much usage of a keyword constitutes keyword stuffing. However, many experts agree that keywords should be used 2-3 times max per page. If you need to use the keyword a 4th time, look for a variation of the word to use instead.

Your content should read as if you were sitting at a coffee house and talking face to ace with someone. If you have a joyful, bubbling voice and attitude in real life, your style of writing should be the same or at least close to it. Your content should also read as if you were talking directly to someone. For example, your content should never read anything like this:

“We make custom cotton candy machines. The custom cotton candy machines we make are made to order. If you’re thinking of getting yourself a custom cotton candy machine, please contact our cotton candy machine team today!”

Keywords are great to use in any and all of your online content, but they need to be used no more than 2-3 time per page. If you are worried that your content is keyword stuffing, simply ask yourself, “Would I talk like this in person?” If so, you are likely keyword stuffing. Rewrite the content to use those keywords sparingly and make the content as easy and enjoyable to read as possible. Your customs will thank you.

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