For many small businesses, they aren’t looking for nationwide exposure. They are instead looking for increased exposure in their hometown or state and surrounding area. To help draw a greater emphasis to your location, it is a good idea to include your street address on every page of your site. Your address will obviously be on your contact page, but it can have a positive impact on local searches if that address is listed on every page. There are two key places to add the address, the header or the footer of the website.

If your business is one where people are coming to your location, say a restaurant or retail location, having the address in the header section of your site is a great idea. For any businesses like that, one of the key pieces of information that people are looking for is the address or contact information. For many of our bar/restaurant/coffee shop clients we list their address right away on the site to provide that information to users and help get those users to their location to make a purchase.

If you aren’t a brick and mortar type of business but are still after a certain local geographical area, it would be better to place the address in the footer section of the site near the copyright information. Users don’t necessarily need this information, but for search engines it can help to show where you are located. This way if someone searches for “Electricians in Green Bay” your site can build a greater relevancy to both “electrician” and “Green Bay.”

If you are primarily working in a certain local geographic area, adding your address to each page can greatly help to associate your business with that location (city/state/region). The type of business you have will tell you where to place your address on the site, in the header or footer section.

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