One thing I always like to look for when I first visit a website, especially a local company, is to see somewhere on the site, a photo of the individual or the company team. I’ve always found it to be a good way to help overcome one of the biggest obstacles on the web – the fact that you are interacting with a machine. It really is a non-human interaction. There’s nothing wrong with that, but keep in mind, people do business with people, especially when you’re talking about small local business.

Some people worry of adding their picture to their website. Phobias ranging from self-confidence issues (most common) to fear that people will not do business with them because they aren’t (you can fill in the blank). But really, no signification research has shown that this is really the case. And if someone does in fact opt not to do business with you because you are (fill in the blank), you have to then question if you really ant the persons business at all.

People will also sometimes say “I don’t have a good photo of myself.” Understandable, but really a nice headshot isn’t that much. I recently got 2 head shot done for less than $150. And if that is too much, you can always have a friend of family member snap a quick shot. Another great option is to look into the local colleges in your area. Many times if they have a photography program or degree, there will be times throughout the semester that they are offering free or lost cost photos and headshots.

As I said, having your photo on the site really does help to bring some personality and humanity to a otherwise somewhat non-human advertising medium. If your photo isn’t on your website, and your wondering if it is right for you or not, let’s get in touch and see where it would be most fitting.

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