A Photo Is Worth 1,000 Words (Or More)

You’ve heard the saying that a photo is worth a 1,000 words. On a website, a photo is worth even more. A website is in many ways a very non-personal method of marketing or communication. By adding more photos to your site, you can help add an extra bit of life to your site. Be careful though, and make sure those pictures are saying the right words.

If you are a restaurant, including photos of the food and drink that you server is a great idea. Food can be at tricky subject to photograph, so I would recommend spending the extra money and hire a professional photographer or at least spend some time researching food photography before hand.

If your business has a physical location, include a photo or two of the outside of the building to help people know what to look for. With the interior photos, do your best to include some people in the photos. Even if it is just smiling employees, that is better than an empty store or restaurant.

Take a look at your site and focus on the photos and images you have on the site. Do they say the 1,000 or more words that you want them to? If not, either hire a professional photographer or do a little research for how to take the perfect photos for your site.

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