AI’s Impact on Web Design Evolution Part 4

Transforming the Future of Development

Welcome to part four of the AI series! What’s on the menu for today? Well, let’s see, what haven’t we covered? We went over how AI is efficient so people can focus on design, we went over AI and how it can personalize web design, and we went over AI images for superior web design… But we never went over the bare bones of web design: coding.

So naturally, that’s today’s topic! AI and how it has a revolutionary impact on coding! It has literally reshaped the coding landscape and has allowed less experienced coders (like me) to get by with their limited coding knowledge and become experts! Or at least look like them…

So without further ado… AI AND CODING!

Web Design’s Turbulent Relationship With Coding

In the world of web design, some things just make sense… and then there’s coding. Don’t get me wrong, I’m more of a designer than I am a developer, but to make a decent website design, it’s really smart for me to understand how coding works and how it can limit creativity given the different screens and optimizations. Then, of course, when we are done with the design and I toss it over to the developers and see something I don’t like, it’s nice to be able to access the code to make some changes on the fly.

Because trust me, as a designer, your design doesn’t always look as good as it did in the design room as it does on the website, in spite of your best efforts. Design is so free, but coding is so rigidly structured, they almost don’t go together— except for the fact that it makes sense that they do because, in spite of their turbulent relationship, we desperately needed there to be some way of designing and making code look pretty. Let’s be real, no one wants to look at the ugliness that is boring text and images the computer spits out. We want the pretty!

But there are just so many limitations; it can make designing and coding pretty difficult, especially in a world where web designs are getting so complex… Look, coding is heckin’ cool, but all it takes is for one mistype to have your entire website looking just weird.

Trust me, I took way too many classes trying to understand code; you have no idea the tears and frustration that were built up over one single letter that was missed and broke the website, and you can’t find it in spite of reading over the line of code multiple times— it’s… hell.

But in the ever-evolving world of web design (which is structured by code), there is one thing that just makes total sense, and that is AI writing code.

AI’s Role in Code Generation

Okay, so we have AI, right? What is AI? It’s artificial intelligence; what’s another word for AI? Well, people call it a computer, right? Sometimes— look, AI is basically just a bunch of code, so like what better source to go to in order to understand and write code than a computer itself?! Talking to AI and having it write code is like asking it to write in its language! Don’t fact-check me on that, but it honestly just makes sense!

So when some code is strange in your neighborhood! Who you gonna call? Not the Ghost Busters, that’s for sure, but we will call on Artificial Intelligence! Ask that code to write some code, baby! Let it help us streamline the process! This is so beneficial too because coding can be pretty mundane and repetitive— literally, repeat lines over and over. But with AI, we can create error-free code (a miracle!) while we work out the cool stuff! It is essentially

AI and Enhancing Code Quality

A few things I hate about code are how there are multiple ways to get to the same answer. Yeah, that gives you freedom, but it can make stuff so time-consuming, especially when you learn the long way to creating the right code. But with AI, we can greatly improve the code quality! AI can give us the most efficient way to write code and to write it in a way that works!

Code can be fickle at times; you can write things correctly a million times over, but something strange (in your neighborhood!) can affect the code, and then you’ll have to write in some extra stuff that isn’t very reliable but the only thing that works. AI, however, can help debug, fix errors, and give you multiple ways to fix your code in a way that will work most effectively.

Coding Collaboration

When it comes down to it though, we can’t rely on AI solely for coding. AI can’t do everything, and you will need to understand how code works to truly work with it and collaborate to get the most accurate results. Perhaps the nicest part about all of this is finally having a coding spellcheck that will accurately correct your code so you won’t have to spend so much time crying over why the code isn’t working. In addition, you can work with the AI to get and give suggestions for the best methods on how to get the proper solution.

And this isn’t even talking about the various coding languages and how AI can bridge the gap. Say you are working with one coding language and need to transfer it to a different language; you can easily do this with AI. The possibilities are endless!

AI Is Here to Stay

When it comes to web design, AI is impacting every area of it, down to its bare bones: coding. There are ways in which it can feel daunting how much AI is getting involved in certain aspects of our lives, but it can also be exciting, like how much AI is impacting coding. It’s helping to accelerate development in coding, enhancing coding quality, and providing an adaptive coding environment. It encourages developers to embrace the integration of AI into their coding workflows for a more innovative and efficient future!

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