Color Psychology and Web Design

Color psychology

The Psychology of Color in Web Design Colors have power. On top of adding visual appeal, colors are tied to different meanings. We have associated certain colors with certain feelings and emotions to the point that our brains are triggered to experience a certain emotion when seeing a certain color. By understanding the emotions and […]

The Power of Fonts

Fonts are powerful Graphic designers are gifted with one of the most powerful tools that seems… a little unassuming: fonts. Yeah, fonts can be cool, but they are very… wordy. So it’s incredible when you stop and think about what something that is used to write words can do visually: silently convey emotions, influence perception, […]

How Graphic Design Elevates Your Website

How Graphic Design Elevates Your Website

The Art of Visual Branding:  In the world of design today, we tend to think of design in mostly a digital sense. And it’s true, the digital design format is the most popular design media for good reason, branding can now scale across countries allowing businesses to expand their reach exponentially. With all that said, […]

Designing for Print

designing for print

THE IMPORTANCE OF DIGITAL AND PRINT In the world of design, certain mediums take precedence over others at various points. It’s a fast-paced world, and you just have to get used to the fact that the minute you genuinely understand an art trend is when it abruptly changes.  The most recent medium that has taken […]

Light Theme Vs. Dark Theme

dark vs light mode background

The Early Bird and The Night Owl Which one are you? Personally, I’m a little bit of both, but honestly, I love mornings and the productivity it brings as well as coffee– but I hate getting up and feeling tired. It’s a little bit of give and take, but let’s be real here: everyone knows […]

Why questionnaires are so Important


So you are working with a designer… And they hand you a list of questions. I’m sure many of you are thinking: “I just want a design, and now you are giving me homework?” I get it. I recently made a dental appointment and was given a huge packet of questions– that I have yet […]

As a Designer, WordPress is Cool

IN THE WORLD OF WEB DESIGN… …You have the person crafting the design with stunning visuals and creativity (as well as strategy and so forth) and the person setting up the design with a bunch of numbers and rigid mathematical programming. Website design is not something that needs to be rigidly understood. There’s a method, […]

Why You Need Logo Variations

FAMILIARITY IN LOGO VARIATIONS So… the last article I may or may not have unintentionally created one large Disney advertisement due to discussing the importance of nostalgia and how it stems from familiarity when it comes to branding. It was essentially another way–outside of the already present articles that were recently written–to depict how important […]

Nostalgia: A brand’s greatest weapon

Disney and nostalgia

No New Ideas? One of the trends that I have noticed that is causing outrage is the idea that people don’t have new ideas. Especially when it comes to movies. There have been a lot of movie remakes, many of which are sequels to previous successful films in decades gone by. Recent ones are Top […]

Logo Redesign Part 2: Is it time to update your logo?

Logos… sort of stress me out. Just a little bit. Why may you ask? Only because they are the face of the company! They are the first impression– and if the logo is good then they are a strong first impression. They make your company memorable, stand out, and create a sense of familiarity, so