Is the Meta Description Still Important?

One of the rules I often tell people about SEO (search engine optimization) is to do things for human users only – NOT for search engines. One of the most important things to do to help a user find your site actually does very little for a search engine perspective. Years ago, search engines such […]

Benefits Make the Sale

When I meet with clients and we discuss what they want to include in their marketing about their product or service, they often start telling me about all the features of what they offer. It doesn’t really matter what the product or service is; the features normally aren’t all that marketable. What is marketable and […]

Making a Good Last Impression

No doubt you’ve heard how important it is to make a good first impression. If we behave rudely, don’t comb our hair, have the wrong color shoes on or anything else that might not give the ideal first impression, we don’t get a chance to do that again. Alternately, there is another impression that is […]

Your Elevator Pitch

When someone starts a business, they spend countless hours on their business plan, legal agreements, marketing material, office setup, accountant selection, and countless other crucial tasks. One simple task that is often overlooked – if not excluded all together – is crafting your 60 second elevator pitch. While it is the year 2016 with technology […]

Pinterest Feeds

I don’t claim to be a Pinterest expert, but one things I do know about it is that you can very easily spend way too much time on it. That easy addictiveness of Pinterest is what makes it a very powerful marketing tool. That easy addictiveness is also what can make Pinterest a cause for […]

Stock Photography On Your Website?

At Full Scope Creative, we love having slideshows on the sites that we design. Slideshows can do so much for a site. They provide some action to the site. They provide a visual chance to highlight some different aspects of the business. It’s almost scary, though, how many sites we look at that are using […]

How To Use Content Marketing Strategies

One of the hot marketing phrases you’ve probably heard recently is Content Marketing. Content Marketing is one of the most powerful ways that you can promote your business, especially with social media platforms such as Facebook. One of the key parts of content Marketing, a part that confuses many business owners, is that you’re not […]

People Want to See People

One of the biggest problems I see on many websites, is that they have very few photos. Often times when they do have photos, those photos are missing a very important subject matter – people. Take a restaurant for example. Having photos of the food is a good idea. Having photos of the inside of […]

Don’t brag about customer service

I recently saw a commercial for a company that was boasting about how they had the best customer service. I use to work in a customer service role for a large corporation, and granted I worked support shift, there was only one reason people called – something was wrong.


Testimonials are a great item to have on a site. They provide prospective customers a glimpse of what it’s going to be like working with your company. Before you start adding the testimonials to your website, here are a couple of ideas to keep in mind.