I Don’t Need a Website

Every so often I hear someone say “I don’t need a website because 99% of my business is from referrals.” For some businesses, they are in fact about 99% referral. But just because someone is referred to you doesn’t mean they don’t want to hear more about you before getting in touch. It’s the year […]

Know What You Sell

Do you know what you sell? I mean, what you really sell. Confused? Think of it this way. The signs outside of many McDonalds say that they’ve sold over 99 billion hamburgers, but they have never sold a single hamburger. The only thing McDonalds sells is quick and consistent convenience. Giantseed Creative sells new opportunities […]

KIS Your Business Card

I do a lot of business networking and I collect a lot of business cards. Sadly, about 25% of the time, the cards miss the mark or the general point of a business card. Your business card is many times one of your first pieces of marketing material that gets to a potential client. While […]

Selling Ad Space on Your Website

Do you ever visit a website and get annoyed with all the various ads on the site? If you need an example, look at your local newspapers website, chance are they have countless ads on the site. If you’re looking to sell ad space on your website, there is a much better way to do […]

Adding Your Photo

One thing I always like to look for when I first visit a website, especially a local company, is to see somewhere on the site, a photo of the individual or the company team. I’ve always found it to be a good way to help overcome one of the biggest obstacles on the web – […]

Only have a Facebook page?

When speaking to people about the benefits of a website I have recently heard, “I don’t need a website, I have a Facebook page.” Through some investigating I found they did have a Facebook page, one of them actually very successful! Even with this I still expressed my reservations.  I know I have an obviously […]

White Hat SEO Techniques

A few weeks ago I wrote about a few common Black Hat SEO techniques. I want to now follow up with a couple of White Hat SEO techniques that you can start using today. The first thing you want to do is make sure that you have in place both your content and its structure. […]

Google Places

For many users it is their first exposure to your online presence. It is packed with useful information such as you phone number, address, map, web address, and reviews.  No, it isn’t your website or even your Facebook page. It’s your Google Places page. Claim Your Page When you go to your Google Places page, […]

Black Hat Website Marketing

Every few months I’ll have a client ask me about a ‘sure fire’ SEO activity that they heard about. There are two in particular that I’ve heard of several times—keyword stuffing and resubmitting your site to search engines repeatedly. A few clients have asked me whether or not it’s a good idea to place a […]

Set Your Newsletter Apart

I’ve heard a lot of talk lately about the United States Postal Service shutting down different branches/locations and eliminating deliveries on Saturday. I can’t say that I’m entirely surprised to hear this. Since its arrival on the scene, email has continually been taking a bite out of the market that used to be handled exclusively […]