Everyone Is In Sales

Whichever company someone works for, whatever position they hold: everyone works in sales. Whether directly or indirectly, the actions of any member of a company will lead to increased or decreased business transactions. No matter the role, from barista to a janitor, everyone is in sales. Let me give you a couple of examples of […]

Online Job Application

A common issue I hear from clients is that when they are looking to hire, they are having a tough time finding enough qualified applicants. Too often, those businesses just have their job applications printed and ready for applicants to stop in and grab one. Many times, these businesses are looking to hire and employee […]

Do You Follow Up?

Regardless of the product being sold, sales is a tough field to really excel in. Many salespeople often complain about their low sales volume at the end of the month. When asked how many follow up attempts they make, the answer is usually, “Once or twice.” The unfortunate fact, however, is that 80% of sales […]

People Connect to People, Not to Machines or Processes

I recently attended a Greater Green Bay Chamber Lunch & Learn event. The speaker was Mike Haddad, President/CEO of Schreiber Foods. Mike had a lot of great ideas and nuggets of advice, but one that really stuck with me is this: people connect to people, not to machines or processes. Your business machines or processes […]

Your Elevator Pitch

When someone starts a business, they spend countless hours on their business plan, legal agreements, marketing material, office setup, accountant selection, and countless other crucial tasks. One simple task that is often overlooked – if not excluded all together – is crafting your 60 second elevator pitch. While it is the year 2016 with technology […]

Substitute Solutions

Back when I was knee-high to a grasshopper, one of my favorite things to do was to go to Blockbuster and rent movies. I loved walking into the store, seeing the new releases, looking through old favorites, browsing the video games, and occasionally getting some candy. Today, there are only a handful of Blockbuster stores […]

Creative WiFi Passwords

Today most businesses offer free WiFi internet access to their guests. WiFi is a great amenity to offer, and if you put a little creativity into it, you can also use it as a subtle marketing opportunity. Free WiFi is a good way to help pull people into your business, especially if you own a […]

Don’t brag about customer service

I recently saw a commercial for a company that was boasting about how they had the best customer service. I use to work in a customer service role for a large corporation, and granted I worked support shift, there was only one reason people called – something was wrong.

The Conversation

When I talk to clients about blogging, email newsletters or social media, I often get asked about what they should write about. What you write about isn’t necessarily the most important thing to think about. What you should be thinking about and keeping in mind, is that it’s all about the conversation between you and […]

Daily To-Do Lists

You may have heard that working form a to-do list everyday can save you up to two hours of work time each day. Some may argue the amount of time a to-do list can save, but a to-do list will certainly save time. Two things to remember for your daily to-do list: write it out […]